World Youth Skills Day – 15th July

World Youth Skills Day – 15th July – will again take place in a challenging context due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through the project #LAB4GE, we are working with partners across Europe to share best practices and methodologies to promote gender equity. Today we appreciate the importance of these skills and knowledge sharing.


Combatting Extremism – Euro-Mediterranean Youth Moot

RUM – GIORDANIA ***4-8 MAGGIO 2016 Racism, xenophobia and extremist ideologies are on the rise in Europe. Several recent racially motivated hate crimes combined with at places hostile welcoming of the refugee influx has showed that Europe is not that ready for the multiculturalism as it thought it would be. A 3-day-long ”Euro-Mediterranean Youth MootContinue reading “Combatting Extremism – Euro-Mediterranean Youth Moot”

Calendario 2015. Prenota la tua copia!

Ogni bambina e ogni bambino del mondo hanno diritto alla FELICITÀ! L’Associazione SUD, la Cooperativa SANFRA, l’Associazione ROSA BIANCA, la Libreria L’APPRODO, le bambine e i bambini della classe 2^ della Scuola a Tempo Pieno “Gianni Rodari” di Cospaia-San Giustino (Pg), insieme alle loro maestre Antonella e Lucia, hanno realizzato il CALENDARIO 2015 per ricordareContinue reading “Calendario 2015. Prenota la tua copia!”