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TAPE – Tolerance Amour Paix Echange – Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Sousse – TUNISIA *** 20-29 MAGGIO 2016

Le programme Euro-Med jeunesse IV encourage la lutte contre le racisme et la xénophobie sans oublier la participation active des jeunes au développement de la société. Notre action mettra en valeur ces deux axes à travers les différentes activités et avec la participation de touts les intervenants.

90_14-pannelli-mosaico-mattonelle_2x3_detail_bigNotre action se base essentiellement sur l’interculturalité comme outil de rapprochement entre les peuples et pour conséquent comme outil de paix et de tolérance d’où une multiple activités favorisant l’apprentissage inter culturel basant sur la méthode non formel en suivant les activités prévu.

Les jeunes essayeront de meubler cinq volets d’activités:

  • Conférences
  • Trois ateliers (composition musicale; danse et théâtre; multimédia)
  • Visites et débats
  • Une journée d’activité collective avec les jeunes de la société civile local
  • Foire aux initiatives

L’Associazione SUD ricerca:

quattro partecipanti con le seguenti caratteristiche di base:

  • Età: 18-22 anni
  • Conoscenza della lingua francese e/o inglese, scritta e parlata (livello B2)
  • Esperienze di viaggio all’estero
  • Partecipazione a gruppi o progetti artistici, musicali e/o teatrali
  • Conoscenza e pratica web graphic design

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Buona fortuna!


Combatting Extremism – Euro-Mediterranean Youth Moot


rainbow hands

Racism, xenophobia and extremist ideologies are on the rise in Europe.

Several recent racially motivated hate crimes combined with at places hostile welcoming of the refugee influx has showed that Europe is not that ready for the multiculturalism as it thought it would be.

A 3-day-long ”Euro-Mediterranean Youth Moot on Combatting Extremism” will be organized in Rum, Jordan inviting 22 socially active youth/youth leaders from Jordan, Italy, and Sweden to discuss the root causes leading to racism, xenophobia and extremist ideologies and come up with suggestions to prevent and address those. An intensive program will be offered.

L’Associazione SUD ricerca:

tre partecipanti con le seguenti caratteristiche di base:

  • Età 18-25 anni
  • Conoscenza della lingua inglese, scritta e parlata (livello B2)
  • Esperienze maturate all’estero in ambito Erasmus+ e/o simili
  • Conoscenza delle tematiche attuali relative all’area EuroMediterranea
  • Conoscenza della situazione geo-politica-culturale dell’area Mediorientale

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Buona fortuna!


Empowering Women IV

Hello, everybody!

Please, watch the video produced during the

Seminar: “Empowering Women IV”, in Istanbul, 26-31 October 2014

ASSOCIAZIONE SUD was one of the participants. Great experience!!!

From failure and lack of motivation and self-confidence you can stand up again, be resilient and get SELF-EMPOWERED ( simbolised by the t-shirt) by valorising and developing your talents and competences (SENSE OF INITIATIVE, CULTURAL and INTERCULTURAL competences, COMMUNICATION skills, LEADERSHIP, TEAM MANAGEMENT, TEAM WORK).

You will EMPOWER then everybody around you!

Euromed trainers’ forum D.O.C – T.E.A.M – Venice 2014

Erasmus+ Youth Italian National Agency, SALTO EuroMed and Turkish National Agency organised an International Forum for trainers and multipliers active in the EuroMed field in Venice, October 4th-8th.

This Forum is the second step of a strategy that started in 2013 in Antalya (Turkey) with the “International Conference of active trainers within EuroMed framework”.

We had a first gathering of a big number of actors working in EuroMed; we started to work on the EuroMed framework; we focused on our competences as trainers/multipliers; we had the chance to share some experiences and interesting tools created by participants.


Stay tuned for updating!