February 20th – International Social Justice Day

Without Gender Equality there is no Social Justice and No Social Justice means No Human Rights. Most international or global days are celebrated to create awareness and educate the community about topics of concern that needs global attention. International days are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will andContinue reading “February 20th – International Social Justice Day”

Scambio europeo Erasmus+ in Spagna


Youth Exchange KA1 – Erasmus+ Program


picasso i due saltimbanchi 1901

This Youth Exchange combines the activities of intercultural connection with art appreciation.

The intention is to create a critical and independent thinking resulting in new forms of expression and that in turn make seeing the way in which art is one of the cornerstones for Europe.

Workshop “Entrepreneurial Knowledgebase”- Evento nazionale

Si terrà a Roma, il prossimo 17 novembre dalle ore 10.30 alle ore 13.30,  la terza tappa del progetto “Entrepreneurial Knowledgebase” finanziato dalla Commissione Europea – Programma Erasmus+ KA2,  capofila CEUD-Serbia, in partenariato con Italia (Associazione SUD), Bulgaria, Slovacchia, Ungheria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turchia, Regno Unito. Saremo ospitati nella prestigiosa sede della Società Geografica Italiana (Villa CelimontanaContinue reading “Workshop “Entrepreneurial Knowledgebase”- Evento nazionale”

Scambio europeo Erasmus+ in Serbia

“ENTREPRENEURIAL KNOWLEDGEBASE” Youth Exchange KA2 – Erasmus+ Program MALI IĐOŠ – SERBIA *** 19-27 OTTOBRE 2016 The Europe 2020 strategy recognizes entrepreneurship and self-employment as key to achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It has been pointed more than ever that the key factor of EU economy’s competitiveness is entrepreneurial skills of the workforce. Entrepreneurship isContinue reading “Scambio europeo Erasmus+ in Serbia”

TAPE – Tolerance Amour Paix Echange – Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Sousse – TUNISIA *** 20-29 MAGGIO 2016 Le programme Euro-Med jeunesse IV encourage la lutte contre le racisme et la xénophobie sans oublier la participation active des jeunes au développement de la société. Notre action mettra en valeur ces deux axes à travers les différentes activités et avec la participation de touts les intervenants. Notre action seContinue reading “TAPE – Tolerance Amour Paix Echange – Erasmus+ Youth Exchange”