Empowering Women IV

Hello, everybody! Please, watch the video produced during the Seminar: “Empowering Women IV”, in Istanbul, 26-31 October 2014 ASSOCIAZIONE SUD was one of the participants. Great experience!!! From failure and lack of motivation and self-confidence you can stand up again, be resilient and get SELF-EMPOWERED ( simbolised by the t-shirt) by valorising and developing your talentsContinue reading “Empowering Women IV”

Euromed trainers’ forum D.O.C – T.E.A.M – Venice 2014

Erasmus+ Youth Italian National Agency, SALTO EuroMed and Turkish National Agency organised an International Forum for trainers and multipliers active in the EuroMed field in Venice, October 4th-8th. This Forum is the second step of a strategy that started in 2013 in Antalya (Turkey) with the “International Conference of active trainers within EuroMed framework”. WeContinue reading “Euromed trainers’ forum D.O.C – T.E.A.M – Venice 2014”