World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April, 28th is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and the LAB4GE project and the partners involved in it, want to acknowledge how important it is to create a safe and healthy work environments for all, and how we must ensure that workplaces are safe and healthy for all workers, regardless of their gender.

Gender equality is an essential component of workplace safety and health. All workers deserve equal protection and opportunities, regardless of their gender identity. We must work towards eliminating discrimination and ensuring that every worker feels valued and respected.

Let’s use this day as an opportunity to advocate for safer and healthier workplaces, and to promote gender equality in all aspects of work. Together, we can build a more inclusive and just society.

The Learn Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality project is funded by Erasmus+ and more information about the project are available on Associazione Sud website: click here

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