International Day to Combat Islamophobia

March 15th is the International Day to Combat Islamophobia, a day that the associates of the project LAB4GE want to recognize. It is important to address the harmful impact of anti-Muslim prejudice and discrimination. At the same time, we must also remember that Islamophobia is not just about religion – it is also closely linked to gender inequality.

Muslim women are often targeted by Islamophobic attacks and stereotypes that paint them as oppressed and helpless. But the reality is far more complex: Muslim women are leaders, innovators, and changemakers in their communities and beyond. By fighting Islamophobia and promoting gender equality, we can help Muslim women and all women around the world to live full, free lives. We must work to dismantle the harmful stereotypes and systemic barriers that hold women back, whether they are Muslim or not.

On this International Day to Combat Islamophobia, LAB4GE commits to standing up against all forms of discrimination and creating a world where everyone is free to live and thrive regardless of their religion, gender, or any other characteristic.

The Learn Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality project is funded by Erasmus+ and more information about the project are available on Associazione Sud website: click here

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