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Youth has no age.

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Enter! 2021-2022

Long-term Training Course for Youth Workers

Advancing Youth Workers and Projects in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

The article sets the main points of the first CoE Seminar of ENTER!

A long term training course I will be following one full year long.

by Paola CANDITA – Associazione SUD

This first seminar took place for one week at the European Youth Center of  Budapest from 6th to 12thSeptember 2021.

We were 33 young people from several countries, members of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

I firsthand represented Italy and in particular I was there as member of ASSOCIAZIONE SUD.

The 4th edition of Enter! Long Term Training Course is set out to be an example of European level youth worker training which contributes to the quality, access and diversity of youth work and its social and political role in addressing violence, discrimination and exclusion faced by young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Enter! is among the priorities of the Youth for Democracy programme of the Council of Europe. It supports youth work and youth policy measures to eradicate the poverty, discrimination, violence and exclusion faced by young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Enter! is based on the Recommendation CMRec(2015)3 (the Enter! Recommendations) about the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights. The function of the course is to better equip youth workers with knowledge and skills to support their local communities in accessing social rights. More specifically, the course supports better understanding of the links between youth work provided at grassroots level in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and access to services, spaces, support, opportunities for young people.

During this seminar I have been keen on having such interesting networks with all the attendees coming from all Europe and beyond. We participated to many different activities of Non Formal Education (NFE). Indeed this seminar has been so vibrant and full of creativity. It thus encouraged our activism in the society, being more engaged in it by conveying the idea of a possibility to think beyond any other barriers. For instance, we tackled multiple topics on the implementation of project to raise awareness about social rights in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, therefore the main purpose of dealing with such subject was relying on finding methods to empower our local communities letting them having more access to their rights. 

We have been  working on a self-assessment based on the main functions that a youth worker should develop during her/his path. For instance: to assess his/her capacity to help out young people in order to find their role in the local community; another function to be developed by youth worker may also be connected with the methodology of approach young people coming from different backgrounds and to involve them in youth activities. The self-assessment was introduced at the very beginning of the seminar thereby focusing on those functions that may be acquired by the youth workers (participants) to the LLTC.

In a nutshell, I believe that this training is supporting me as a youth worker by my colleagues and my trainers. The first Seminar, with the activities and the chance for creating a network, gave me a great chance to involve among the youth and understand it further. I feel I have been grown up during this week. I experienced the experimental learning (learning by doing methodology) and I am grateful since I found so many inspirations for my future projects with the youngsters that represent the future and the hope for our world.

The group of Enter! LTTC attendees with the staff of trainers and mentors at the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe in Budapest.

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