World Youth Skills Day – 15th July

Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic

World Youth Skills Day 2021 will again take place in a challenging context due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

World Youth Skills Day 2021 will pay tribute to the resilience and creativity of youth through the crisis. Participants will take stock of how TVET systems have adapted to the pandemic and recession, think of how those systems can participate in the recovery, and imagine priorities they should adopt for the post-COVID-19-world.

Through the project LAB4GE, we are working with partners across Europe to share best practices and methodologies to promote gender equity and equip young people to confront gender inequality and act as multipliers on raising awareness of the society as a whole in relation to gender-related abuse of power.

Today, on World Youth Skills Day, we appreciate the importance of these skills and knowledge sharing.

The Learn Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality project is funded by Erasmus+ and more information about the project are available here.

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