RESOLVE: Peace Camps Online Dialogue

by Paola Candita

This paper sets the main points of the project RESOLVE: Peace Camps Online Dialogue that has been carried out online for 2 weeks in 2021 (22nd of February-3rd of March). It was a project that I firsthand joined as an active member of Associazione SUD Italy.

RESOLVE is a project supported by ERASMUS+, the European Union Program for education, training, youth and sport with the aim of enhance education, training and youth across Europe. Besides, the Resolve: Peace Camps Online Dialogue Activity is a skills development and dialogue focused activities where young community change makers and local peace builders address the societies’ social intolerance throughout Europe.

The designation “Resolve” has not been employed by chance, indeed Resolve stands for the awareness and action against the poverty which brings vulnerable societies, deprived of development and education, in a nutshell. These societies bear the brunt of their weakness and, as a consequence, they pay the price of the discrimination and the isolation.

The host organization for this project is ASFAR, a social enterprise and International NGO which works with young people, women & their communities in Europe, MENA, the Caucasus and the Balkans in Peace building, Sport for Peace, Volunteering, Educational, Enterprise & Skills & Cultural learning.

Different and multiple are the purposes of this Training Course. First of all the fostering of youth leaders’ views on key socio-economic political issues in our world today; second of all the learning about social action, civic responsibility and citizenship; broadening of skills like: Leadership, Team Building, Communication, social awareness and EU key competencies.

During this TC I was keen on having such interesting debates with all the attendees coming from every corner of the world. We took part in different activities using various online platforms (Mural, Canva, Padlet and so on). Thereby discovering new tools to be used in my future projects as well. Different activities that have been carried out draw my attention.

I learnt further the value of the non formal education, overall throughout the workshop about the Digital Storytelling since it is a skill that I can acquired thereby creating new projects on my own and for the association where I am part of. Several activities changed my perspective concerning the political matters, indeed this activity dealt with a Role Game which calls for politicians, mediators and diplomats in order to find a settling. These characters have to find resolutions and enter into negotiations, I was so enthusiast for taking part in this activity. It was an excellent exercise also for a project such as the Model United Nations.

I decided to share a word defining this experience with ASFAR, the word is: DIVERSITY.

A term that I repeated several times during this report. In my opinion the diversity is a value that we cannot underestimate especially during projects like this. The fact that we are different motivates us since we understand that till that moment we did not know the other realities. This means that now I am more motivated to delve into topics and issues that I was ignoring beforehand.

Therefore, my passion for conflict resolutions and peace building will be enhanced thanks to training courses like this last one.

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