International Women’s Day 2021

Woman, Inequalities in Work and COVID-19

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, we want to celebrate the tremendous efforts that have been dedicated to achieving an equal future in the world of work.

Still, a lot needs to be done.

Covid-19 Pandemic has negatively affected women’s working life in different ways worldwide. During the Pandemic, most healthcare workers were females, and their exposure to the Corona Virus was higher than males. The burden of home care for women has increased during the Pandemic. Similarly, gender inequalities during the Pandemic have increased because of the absence of women in decision-making positions. Their voices and ideas are not majorly included in the policies. 

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There are plenty of ways for shaping the equal future of women in work

We believe that educating and outreaching local communities through awareness-raising and capacity building contributes to women’s empowerment in many fields of work. The project ‘Learn Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality (LAB 4 GE)’, with the participation of 6 other organizations from all over Europe, aims to empower women entrepreneurship. In this project, we raise awareness in our communities on gender-based inequalities related to entrepreneurship and provide education for those who want to work for empowering women as entrepreneurs. 

And what else? What can NGOs do? What do you do locally to support women, policy and the culture of work? 

  • Advocate for equal pay, equal representation of women in decision-making positions
  • Support and elect women in leadership positions 
  • Fights against sexual harassment and violence at workplaces
  • Encourage parents and couples to share domestic and care-work at home equally
  • Raising awareness among educators, youth on gender bias, stereotypes 
  • Amplify the voice of women leaders and experts on global issues 
  • Find ways to support girls, young woman and woman in STEM fields
  • Give voice to research on women related issues
  • Share stories of women, use your platform, media
  • Support women’s rights organizations
  • Educate on gender equality 
  • Empower the next generation of women 

How could you continue this list? 

Please, give us some ideas, hints, examples in the comment section to collect and share and support each other.

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