Scambio europeo Erasmus+ in Spagna


Youth Exchange KA1 – Erasmus+ Program


picasso i due saltimbanchi 1901

This Youth Exchange combines the activities of intercultural connection with art appreciation.

The intention is to create a critical and independent thinking resulting in new forms of expression and that in turn make seeing the way in which art is one of the cornerstones for Europe.

The combination of leisure and non­formal teaching activities will ensure an experience for participants that will find fun while developing their interest in art and learn from this. This will foster friendships beyond borders, intercultural contact and improved use of foreigner language.

Participants will have the opportunity to reside and explore the city of one of the most influential people in Spanish history, Pablo Picasso, also they will appreciate his work in person as well as many other authors from all periods, from ancient Rome to even the most contemporary art.

L’Associazione SUD ricerca:

otto partecipanti con le seguenti caratteristiche di base:

  • Età superiore ai 18 anni
  • Conoscenza della lingua inglese, scritta e parlata (livello B1)
  • Giovani alla prima esperienza di scambio Erasmus+
  • Interesse e pratica nelle diverse espressioni dell’arte visiva
  • Interesse e pratica dei multimedia
  • Interesse e pratica nell’ambito dell’artigianato artistico

Scarica la newsletter per avere tutte le informazioni necessarie per le selezioni.

Invia la scheda d’iscrizione entro e non oltre il 09 APRILE 2017.

I/le candidati/e selezionati/e riceveranno comunicazione entro il 13 APRILE 2017.

Buona fortuna!


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