Scambio europeo Erasmus+ in Serbia


Youth Exchange KA2 – Erasmus+ Program


The Europe 2020 strategy recognizes entrepreneurship and self-employment as key to achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

It has been pointed more than ever that the key factor of EU economy’s competitiveness is entrepreneurial skills of the workforce. Entrepreneurship is not just about starting your own business but goes much wider.

The EU’s Key Competence Framework defines entrepreneurship as ”…the ability to turn ideas into action. It involves creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. The individual is aware of the context of his/her work and is able to seize opportunities that arise.”

The main objective of this Youth Exchange is to develop sense of entrepreneurship and creative thinking and supply young participants with a concrete skill that could serves as a base for developing creativity and pursuing further venture projects. This will be achieved through a variety of workshops that will challenge both the mind and the hands.

L’Associazione SUD ricerca:

quattro partecipanti con le seguenti caratteristiche di base:

  • Età superiore ai 18 anni
  • Conoscenza della lingua inglese, scritta e parlata (livello B2)
  • Giovani alla prima esperienza di scambio Erasmus+
  • Esperienze di volontariato locale
  • Altamente motivati, creativi, disposti a mettersi in gioco e soprattutto… sorridenti!

Scarica la newsletter per avere tutte le informazioni necessarie per le selezioni.

Invia la scheda d’iscrizione entro e non oltre il 06 OTTOBRE 2016.

I/le candidati/e selezionati/e riceveranno comunicazione entro il 08 OTTOBRE 2016.

Buona fortuna!


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